An Insight into Loft Conversion Balconies

Lofts are popular among property owners in the North East city of Newcastle. You may be familiar with loft conversions that turn roofs into new functional spaces such as bedrooms, offices, stores or even gyms. If you already have a loft conversion on your property, there is no better way of improving the views from the top than adding a balcony. It is an extension from which you can enjoy the midday sun or star watching in the evening. For investors, a loft conversion balcony is a sure way of attracting clients to your rental and sale properties. Having loft conversion balconies Newcastle will put you ahead of the queue when competing for potential clients.

Types of Loft Balconies

False balconies consist of an iron frame attached to the wall of the loft and are accessible through a glass door. They are easy to install as they do not require a modification of the loft. Juliet balconies are named after Juliet, the protagonist in Shakespearean drama, Romeo and Juliet, and are the most popular from this category.

True balconies include all spacious balconies that accommodate sitting space and other activities such as sunbathing. They require a modification of the loft during installation are more expensive than false balconies. However, they add aesthetic value to the property by blurring the line between the interior and exterior. Properties with such extensions command premium prices. Some of the common true balconies are mezzanine and roof terraces. They are often part of extensive loft conversions and are most suited to large properties.

Regulatory Compliance

Before installing a balcony in your loft, it is important that you inquire about the planning permissions required for your type of property. If the balcony is just one part of the loft conversion, then it is covered under the loft modification. In all other cases, you should consult qualified professionals.

The Benefits of Loft Conversion Balconies

  • Increases the value of your property
  • Improves the natural lighting and air circulation in your property
  • Allows you to enjoy the outdoor ambience from within your property

Do I Need Planning Permission For A Loft Balcony?

UK Loft Solutions offers loft conversion services to the residents of Middlesbrough and Newcastle, North East, UK. We have vast experience in installing loft conversion balconies in Newcastle and understand the preferences of customers from this area as well as the price range they can afford. We will help you obtain planning permission for your extension and allocate a team of professionals to work with you through all the stages of the project.

Why Choose NE Loft Ltd?

We offer professional loft balcony installations to all our new and existing customers in and around the Newcastle area. With our loft balcony installation service, we’ll ensure you’re loft space is fitted with the best type of balcony to meet your budget and requirements. We a team of professional balcony installers, we’ll provide you with an efficient and professional service, when we carry out a balcony installation in your loft space. If you require more information on our balcony installation, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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