Balconies For Loft Conversions

Here at NE Loft Ltd, we offer loft conversion balconies to customers in and around Middlesbrough, as well as the surrounding areas of the North East. We have been offering our loft balcony installation service for a number of years and we can install balconies from the initial conversion stage or as an added extra at a later date. We have years of experience installing loft balconies and have become well versed in helping our customers get the most out of their available loft space.

Loft balconies are becoming extremely popular in the Middlesbrough area and that’s why we’ve started offering our loft conversion balconies not only at the loft conversion stage but also to customers who already have an existing converted loft. Investing in a loft conversion balcony can add a great amount of light and ventilation to your loft space, allowing you to enjoy the sun especially in those hot summer months. Adding a loft balcony can also increase the value of your home and can make your property much more desirable if you ever come to sell it. We are always on hand to discuss your options before designing and fitting your loft balcony. Whenever we install loft balconies in the Middlesbrough area, we ensure they are to some of the highest industry standards.

Types Of Balconies

When it comes to loft conversion balconies, there are a number of styles we offer at NE Loft Ltd including:

  • Juliet Balcony
  • True Balcony
  • Roof Terrace
  • Mezzanine Balcony

For more information on the balconies we offer to customers throughout the Middlesbrough area, feel free to get in touch with NE Loft Ltd and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Do I Need Planning Permission For A Loft Balcony?

If you’re interested in adding a loft balcony to your existing Middlesbrough home or having a loft conversion carried out that includes a balcony, then NE Loft Ltd can help. When it comes to loft balcony installation, some types fall under permitted developments whereas others need planning permission. This all depends on the type of loft balcony you choose. As experienced loft balcony installers, we can work with you to see if the type of loft balcony you choose requires planning permission. We work with all our customers from start to finish, to ensure all their needs are met.

Professional Loft Balcony Installation

We offer professional loft balcony installations to all our new and existing customers in and around the Middlesbrough area. With our loft balcony installation service, we’ll ensure your loft space is fitted with the best type of balcony to meet your budget and requirements. We are a team of professional balcony installers, we’ll provide you with an efficient and professional service when we carry out a balcony installation in your loft space. If you require more information on our balcony installation, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Benefits Of Having A Balcony

Investing in one of NE Loft Ltd, loft balconies can offer a great number of benefits, including:

  • Added light and ventilation
  • Increases the value of your property
  • Makes your loft conversion look more attractive
  • Views of the surrounding area
  • A space to relax and enjoy on summer nights

Call NE Loft Ltd For Balcony Installation For Your Loft

When it comes to needing a balcony installed in your loft space, be sure to get in touch with NE Loft Ltd. We have years of experience installing a number of different types of loft balconies from Juliet balconies to roof terrace balconies and many more. On all loft balcony installations, we carry out we ensure our team provide you with a professional and efficient installation service. To enquire about having a loft conversion balcony installed, or upgrading your existing balcony then be sure to give NE Loft Ltd a call on 0800 043 4083.

We also offer our loft conversion balconies to customers in Newcastle and the surrounding areas in the North East. In addition to this we can travel further afield to areas such as London, Essex, Kent and many other areas in the South of the country.