Mansard Loft Conversion Newcastle

The recent changes in planning regulations in London mean that homeowners can now convert their lofts without permission. Previously, homeowners were required to obtain permits to make changes to their attics. The new regulations allow single-storey buildings to make rear extensions up to four metres deep without permission. Similarly, semi-detached properties can add extensions that are three meters deep. Additionally, homeowners with lofts can convert the spaces without planning permission, as long as they do not add more than 50 cubic meters.

Consequently, loft conversions have increased dramatically as homeowners look for ways to add extra living spaces and increase the value of their properties. We offer loft conversion services with a particular interest in mansard loft conversion in Newcastle and the surrounding North East region. Our mansard conversions are of the highest quality in terms of sustainability, craftsmanship and design.

Loft mansard

What is a Mansard Loft Conversion?

This form of loft conversion is named after the 17th-century architect, Francios Mansard. It involves setting up a flat roof with a back wall that slopes inwards at an angle of 72 degrees to create a boxed shaped roof. The existing roof is opened up, so the loft has three sides instead of two. This form of loft conversion requires more construction work than other kinds. If living in a semi-detached property, you may need to seek the consent of your neighbour.

Is Planning Permission Required to Construct Mansard Loft Conversions?

Mansard loft conversion Newcastle requires planning permission because of the vast changes made on the structure and the shape of the roof. Check with the Newcastle’s local authority before embarking on construction.

Which Properties are Suitable for Mansard Conversions?

This form of loft conversion is ideal for all types of properties, including semi-detached ones, detached, terraced properties and bungalows. The exposed brickwork has a curb appeal, so you don’t need to paint or make additional adjustments on external walls.


Mansard Loft Conversion Styles In Newcastle

UK Loft Solutions specialise in two main types of loft conversions and these are the L-shaped and double loft conversions. L-shaped conversions are ideal for homeowners who want to add value to their property, e.g when converting the loft to an open-plan bedroom. The double conversion loft is similar to the regular mansard style, but it includes a mansard in the front.

Benefits of Mansard Lofts

These loft conversions offer a range of benefits to homeowners compared to other kinds. They include:

  • A great way to maximise the space on the roof
  • Mansard lofts are versatile
  • Does not need much structural reinforcement
  • Provide a range of exterior styling options

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