Planning A Loft Conversion

Planning A Loft Conversion

Incredible Tips for Planning a Loft Conversion

Depending on the design and structure of your roof, doing a loft conversion can save you much space and the extra cost and hassle of having to move to a new home. There is so much that goes into the conversion of a loft depending on various factors with the roof being the main, but the move it worth your time and resources.

loft conversions Over time, loft conversions have been associated with an appreciation of the value of your property if you are looking to sell it off at the moment or later on. This comprehensive guide will take you through the process of successfully planning for a loft conversion.

Establish a purpose

In some cases, you might find it not necessary to do the conversion depending on the need that you have, but either way, it is still vital to weigh options. How much more do you want the house to cost? How much additional space do you need to do a loft conversion? The questions that you need to find answers for before embarking on any other move. Concerning this, it is also essential to find out if your loft is in the right condition for a change to a different shape and design.


A loft conversion is a complicated task, especially if you have little or zero knowledge and skills when it comes to construction. High chances are, you will have to hire a contractor to do it for you. All these will cost you some money, and there is a need to be ready when the time comes. You could get a building surveyor to do the evaluation for you and give you a genuine approximate of how much it might cost you with material alone. The other charges, like permits and contractor fee, are available online and other domains.

Get a permit

Most times, it is not necessary to get permits to do loft conversions as they tend to be considered permitted developments. The case, however, changes if you are looking to exceed the specified limits. These regulations exist to ensure the building stability and integrity remains uncompromised. The design of the loft will also need to adhere to the specified parameters. Applying for a permit will cost you, and this will needs allocation in the budget.

Get the right people

Having put all these other factors in order, you need to find an architect to do the design for you and also a qualified and experienced builder to embark on the work. Getting a referral from friends and family, including a word form the building surveyor can get you the best there is of these two professionals.

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