Conversions And Planning Permission In The North East

When it comes to side or rear dormer conversions and a host of other different loft conversion projects, our team at NE Loft Ltd can help transform the loft space of any type of property. As conversion specialists, we can help transform your loft into an inviting and visually appealing additional room for your home. At NE Loft Ltd, we offer a range of loft conversions to our customers throughout the North East and the rest of the UK.

With your own project manager, who’ll visit your home to assess your requirements and come up with a feasible design, we can even help you obtain planning permission, should it be necessary for the conversion type you choose.

Will I Need Planning Permission For My Loft?

At NE Loft Ltd most of the conversions we offer, fall under permitted development, meaning you shouldn’t require planning permission. Planning permission is usually needed to be obtained if extensive structural changes are being made, or if you’re converting the loft space of a flat or listed property.

If a loft space, in a terraced property exceeds 40 cubic meters or a loft in a semi-detached or detached property exceeds 50 cubic meters, then you might be required to go through the planning permission process. Contacting your local authority can help you find out whether planning permission would definitely be needed or not.

Loft without planning permission usually take around 2 – 4 weeks to start the construction phase. Times of construction can vary depending on if you have party wall agreements in place and if all structural calculations and plans are to ready to go. If your property does require planning permission, then this can take anywhere between 8 – 12 weeks before we are able to commence any construction work; this all depends on how quickly your local authority acts. Even on conversions that require planning permission, you must also have documentation for party wall agreements in place, should it be needed.